Claudette is a movement… a state of mind.

Claudette is fashion.

Claudette is art.

Claudette is community

When Claudette came into being in 2017, Layan Al-Dabbous was a post-grad student at The New School in
New York City. With all the high-end design she was learning, it was a doodle in her notebook that took her
life in a whole new direction.

Layan had a choice to make… She could go back home to her native Kuwait and open a shop there, using her
business degree. Or she could stay in NYC and create something that could make a real difference in the
world. The moment she saw Claudette’s potential, she knew she had to give New York a shot.

She also made this choice to give hope to young women in the Middle East that were just like her… to show
them what they could do if they too followed their dreams. They did not have to be an engineer or a doctor –
they could use their creativity proudly.

Claudette has permeated the world of the young, fashionable and influential. She has been drawn on to
everything from sneakers to surfboards. The streetwear line created in her image has started to spread
Claudette’s concepts throughout the US through pop-up shops. Through the worlds of fashion, music and art,
Claudette is destined to spread a message. What message that is, depends on what is going on in the world…

Claudette has been amassing influence since her inception in November 2017. Now she moves on to tackle a
big issue young people face today – mental health. The stigma that prevents people from getting help needs
to be faced down and Claudette is on the case.